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Time For Me To Say "Ta-Ta" To Jaguar Dealership

Jaguar XT

You've probably heard that Tata Motors --producer of the least expensive new car on the planet, the $2,000 Nano--is buying Jaguar.

I always wanted a Jag. Even when people joked that you needed to own two because one was always broken down, I wanted one. My husband said we would need to meet several financial goals first, like no debt and a certain amount of savings (this is a man who bought gold--actual gold--ten years ago JUST IN CASE...God bless him).

Finally, after those goals were met last year, we bought a new black XK. I got a coupe because I like the lines better. I love it. Love it love it love it. Great car.

So here's the story. I am apparently out of touch with the costs of owning a somewhat expensive car. The Jag was due for its first servicing outside of the warranty. It needed an oil change. Now, I never go to a dealer for anything because they charge too much, but this was my Jag, my baby. I love this car.

I guess I don't love it that much. The total cost for the oil change was $413.20. Is this how they plan to make money in a downturn? Five visits and I could've bought a Tata Nano!

Here's the breakdown of the charges:

Oil filter: $22.17
Drain plug: $7.43
8 quarts of synthetic blend oil: $40.80
Air filter: $87.78(WHAT???)
Advanced formula MOA: $11.02 (whatever that is) Fuel cleaner: $24.20
Labor: Two hours at $110.00/hour (two hours?)
Total: $413.20

Talk about inflation! Fortunately my husband had squirreled away a ten percent off coupon (naturally), so that knocked it down to about $370.

The cashier saw his pale expression and said, "This must be your first servicing outside warranty." When he asked what took two hours, she explained they washed the car. Most expensive car wash we've ever had.

Anyone know a good Jag mechanic?

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