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My Jaguar Costs, WaMu Slogan, Countrywide: Your Emails

This weekend I saw two Hare Krishnas on the side of the 405 freeway trying to get their old, broken down Chrysler K-Car convertible to work. Only in LA.

Readers flooded the Funny Business email with responses to my overpriced Jaguar oil change.

From Dawson H:
"LOL! You paid $370 to service your car? It takes 15 minutes to do what you mentioned and $15.00 worth of parts. Why don't you do it yourself? I'd fly down to anywhere in the continental U.S. and service your Jag for $370. Email me next time you need it done."

From Eric G:
"Factory trained service technicians who have years of training and experience make more per hour than untrained minimum wage quick oil change workers. They also perform all of the factory recommended tasks, not just some of them. They enjoy access to all of the factory tools. Trusting an expensive car that you obviously like very much to someone who makes minimum wage, is a great example of penny wise and pound foolish."

From David H:
"You could have bought a excellent American car like a 2008 Cadillac CTS. Don't make the same mistake twice. And don't complain about dealership pricing. I have to pay the cable company to see you."

From Ace:
" the way does your husband have any extra coupons for my wife...she has a little problem with her Hummer ( which I can't stand)."

From Bill B:
"I had the same problem with my BMW. My first service after the 50,000 mile coverage expired was over $800. I guess they have to make up for the 'free' maintenance somehow."

From Henry A:
"I'll change your oil and wash the car for the bargain price of $250. Nice car though!"

(Henry, we have a deal.)

On my post regarding WaMu's new Simpsonian "Whoo-hoo!" slogan, Sterling R. writes:
"...due to an 11th hour call from my accountant last year, he asked me to 'throw' $14,000 in a SEP-IRA and the closest bank was...doh! you guessed it...They managed to lose 30% in 3 weeks, and when I walked back in to complain to their 'financial planner' she said, and I quote: 'What do you care? You won't be taking this out for 20 years?' Needless to say, I closed the IRA on the spot. I then went to Moe's for a Duff. Woo-hoo!"

On my XCOR story about space travel, Chris Gilman of spacesuit maker Orbital Outfitters writes:
"Thank you for the mention. I would like to point out an error. In the following quote from the article it says 'Orbital Outfitters, , which ALSO MAKES HOLLYWOOD MOVIE COSTUMES!' Is not true. The Chief designer Chris Gilman owns a company called Global Effects inc. in North Hollywood that makes movie costumes. Orbital Outfitters is strictly a REAL spacesuit company."

On my blog pointing out that the REDC foreclosure auction web site's recommended lender is Countrywide, Countrywide mortgage consultant Vincent T. writes:
"We're in business of financing home purchases. This article is typical of poor reporting on the true market conditions in housing and is used to incite outrage from uneducated consumers. The article is trash."

Finally, Niall S. hearkens back to a long-gone segment dear to my heart:
"Jane - a question from Spain. Have you got your Biz Briefs covered?? If not, please send digital image."

Sigh. My Biz Briefs were uncovered and destroyed long ago...

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