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See What People Are Saying About Bank Stocks

When will the bleeding stop? Large financial companys and banks are getting very cheap, or so it seems.  How low will huge bank stocks go?

-- John S.


After an ugly first quarter for stocks, investors are hoping that the worst may finally be over. There is growing evidence that turmoil in the financial sector has not passed and could get even deeper. Yet Wall Street is showing many of the same signs -- volatility, volume and a watershed event -- that suggest a bottom is near.

"There's still going to be caution, it's still going to keep the market at bay, but the fundamentals are not bad," says Peter Miralles, president of Atlanta Wealth Consultants. "It's a good time for investors to be accumulating investments for the third and fourth quarters."

That leads to our question of the day. How would you recommend playing the financial services sector during the second quarter? Tell us now.

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