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Hillary Clinton: Should She Stay Or Should She Go?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

OK, for a while I thought my little peace-making idea (see my last pre-vacation post) was working. I'd look from time to time at my blackberry, and found NOT A SINGLE MESSAGE from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton trash-talking each other. Maybe I HAD helped turned down the volume on the Democratic primary noise machine.

Um, no. It's just that my spring break getaway spot had no BlackBerry service.

Instead what I see has happened is this: Obama forces are turning up the heat on Clinton to leave the race, and Clinton is responding by digging in and asserting that she'll carry on all the way to the convention.

Two observations on this point:

--Clinton has every right to carry her campaign all the way to the convention if she perceives a legitimate shot to win the Democratic nomination.

--I do not think she's likely to do so if Obama emerges from the closing primaries plainly on track for the nomination by virtue of solid closing performances, a pledged delegate lead, and a competitive national poll standing. In that case I'd expect super delegates to gravitate his way in substantial numbers, which would be a far more effective form of pressure on Clinton than "quit now" exhortations from senators already supporting Obama.

What do you think: should Clinton fight on, or quit now? Take the poll and write to me: politicalcapital@cnbc.com.


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