Funny Business with Jane Wells

"American Idol" Rocks My World (Who Goes Home Tonight?)

I'm on the road again today, going to California gold country, where I will be reporting live tomorrow on the new "gold rush." But I have to make sure I'm back at my hotel tonight for the weekly vote off on "American Idol."

"Idol" remains the top show in America, and at my house, it is the one show the entire family sits down and watches together, usually live, which means we have to watch the commercials.

You have to understand--I've watched every show every season since Day 1. This year we debate each week whether Paula is ok, whether or not we like Brooke White, if David Archuletta's dad is ever going to stop wearing that hat.

They don't make shows like that anymore. Did they ever?

My favorite this season is David Cook, who might win, as long as he keeps his ego in check. Otherwise, he'll go the way of Chris Daughtry (not that it hurt him...).

So who goes home tonight? I say the bottom three will be Ramiele, Jason, and Syesha. But the great thing about this show is that you never know.

It's kind of like predicting the price of gold!

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