Be Brave -- Stick With Commodities

Greg Levine

With oil, gold and grains testing dizzying highs, are commodities about to melt down?

No, says John Roque, senior vice president and technical analyst at Natixis Bleichroeder.

He explained his confidence in commodity markets -- and picked a stock to play them.

"We are not in a commodities bubble," Roque maintains.

"There's going to be a pullback, likely a big one -- but that's a time to reassess your position" -- not to flee the markets entirely. 


He likes Helmerich & Payne , an energy services provider, with a price target of $60.

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In a different vein, Roque also praised biotech ImClone Systems : "A different story, clearly," but one with a favorable "long period of inactivity."


Neither Roque nor his form holds shares in or advises Helmerich & Payne; Roque's firm may make an over-the-counter market in ImClone Systems.