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Lightning Round: Corning, BP, Live Nation and More

Intercontinental Hotel : This is not a great hotel chain and hotels are not a great industry right now, Cramer said.

Pfizer : “I don’t like anything that Pfizer is doing.”

NewMarket : There’s nothing special here, other than that it’s a huge short-squeeze name, Cramer said. “Be careful.”

Citrix Systems : Cramer is down on tech stocks these days and this one doesn’t have a particularly good product cycle to begin with. Don’t buy.

Lightning Round

El Paso : Cramer has bought this speculative natural gas stock for his charitable trust. It isn’t as consistent as the majors, but it’s cheap.

Corning : Buy some when it retreats to $22, Cramer said. Otherwise, GLW is too expensive for an industry that has not been working.

Dendreon : It has some novel drugs but Cramer still doesn’t like it.

Sandisk : The technology is not proprietary and it’s commoditized, Cramer said. Stay away.

Live Nation : “Every time I get in any of these entertainment companies I lose my shirt.”

Bear Stearns : This is an arbitrage situation you don’t want to be involved in, according to Cramer. It’s highly doubtful JPMorgan will pay more than $10 per share for Bear.

BP : Nice yield, good energy stock. Cramer would buy it.

Fuel-Tech : No, First Solar is better even if it’s not analogous, Cramer said.

Jim's charitable trust owns BP, Corning and El Paso.

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