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Five High-Yielding Stocks to Own

Cramer: Dividend & Conquer

Low interest rates and low economic growth have Cramer thinking you should play it as safe as possible. During times like these he turns to high-yielding stocks because they offer a better return on your cash and some much-needed stability.

But not just any stocks will do. Every portfolio must be diversified. And those dividends should be safe and there has to be a chance the companies will raise them in the near future. Cramer said he found five stocks that fit these criteria perfectly. Here’s the breakdown:

Dow Chemical , an industrial company, pays out 4.2%. The financials aren’t that great, but Cramer said he likes that Dow operates in a real economy, meaning it’s not tied to the credit crisis. There’s enough cash flow to keep the dividend safe, and 65% of the business is outside the U.S., so our economic woes aren’t too much of a concern.

Permian Basin, a U.S. energy trust dealing in oil and natural gas, offers 9.8%, though it’s not taxed at the normal 15% rate. Investors pay regular taxes on PBT, so Cramer recommended this stock for an IRA or 401(k) as a way to defer those taxes for as long as possible.

Entertainment giant WWE carries with it a 7.8% yield, and the company earns a quarter of its sales from overseas.

CPFL Energia is the largest electric utility in Brazil, and it’s still growing. That should fuel some increases to the already-sufficient 5.9% yield.

Lastly, Cramer likes healthcare REIT HCP . This is another dividend that’s taxed regularly and not at the lower 15%. So to take full advantage of the 5.2% yield, put it in your IRA or 401(k).

Taken together these five stocks pay out an average 6.6%, much better than the S&P 500’s 2.2%. Even after taxes, you’re earning 4.7%. As Cramer said, there might not be anything better than a stock with a high yield. Here’s your chance to take advantage of five of the best.

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