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Game Plan: The Portfolio is Political

Just having Homegamers watch Mad Money doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy Cramer anymore. He wants them to join the cause. His infamous rants have given way to calls to action.

Which causes? How about bringing back the “uptick” rule, or demanding the SEC bless a Sirius -XM Satellite Radio merger.

Game Plan

Now, he’s waving a new flag, though this one might strike a little closer to home for most viewers. Turns out there’s a $6 billion tax break for homebuilders in the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008, which is working its way through the Senate right now. Cramer’s gripe: The very companies at the center of the housing crisis are being handed money while homeowners watch their properties – and their net worth – plummet.

DR Horton, Toll Brothers, Pulte Homes, Centex, KB Home – these builders aren’t part of the problem, Cramer said, “They are the problem.” They flooded the market with tons of new homes, driving prices down, and they’ll just use the new cash to continue to do so – all at the expense of the average mortgage-paying American.

Hey, forget about homeowners. Forget about giving that $6 billion to the Federal Housing Authority so it can guarantee much-needed mortgage refinancing. Instead, Washington would rather reward the people who caused this mess in the first place.

Cramer won’t stand for it, and he doesn’t want you to, either. That’s why he urged viewers Friday to call their respective Congressmen and demand they roll this bill back.

“Tell your representative,” he said, “to stop trying to bulldoze your home’s value.”

What would motivate our elected representatives to propose such legislation? Cramer might have the answer. Watch the video to find out.

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