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K-Swiss: Whether Anna Or Alona, They had Me Looking

Source: Tennis Magazine

I admit it. K-Swiss got me to stop for the longest period of time I've ever stopped in a tennis magazine--Tennis Magazineto be exact.

For the first five seconds, I was starring at that stomach. For the second five seconds, I was starring at the rest of her body. Then I was trying to figure out if that was now retired Anna Kournikova, who K-Swiss has hired, or Alona Bondarenko, the 23rd-ranked player in the world who you've likely never heard of.

Then I looked at the slogan, "Keep It Pure." Wait, what?

There are so many things going on here. The only thing I know about this ad is not once did I consider looking at the K-Swiss products in the shoes and the clothes.

When I looked to the left and found out it was indeed Bondarenko, I immediately went to the Internet to see when her calendar was coming out.

So the question I ask you, my readers is this, what are you most likely to do after you see this ad?

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