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See What People Are Saying On Apr. 4th

As our Fast Money Madness tournament nears its conclusion I noticed that some of you didn't agree with the results of the Apple vs. Microsoft match-up. Here's what you wrote.

Look at the great news today. Apple overtakes Wal-Mart as the top music retailer. How could you pick MSFT over AAPL in Fast Money Madness?????
Listen to Pete.

-- Robin S.


Yes, it's true.  You guys (and I mean you, Dylan!) are truly "mad."  How could anyone POSSIBLY favor Microsoft over Apple for the next 52 weeks?  Even if MSFT does fabulously well, the most you could hope for is maybe an increase of $8-10.  With Apple, the up-side could be anywhere from $40 to $100.  On a dollar or a percent basis, there's no comparison. 

-- Esther L from Oregon


Here's a link to the Fast Money Madness post so you can see how everyone voted. Make sure to check back later or watch tonight's "Fast Money" to find out who's going to the finals.

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