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Russia's Steel Market

The wealth from Russia’s natural resources is spilling over to other sectors, Cramer told viewers Monday, and that’s opening up new areas for investment. That’s good news for Mechel Open Joint Stock Company, a steel outfit you’ve probably never heard of.

MTL’s benefiting from a steel bull market, both at home and abroad. China, the Middle East, India, even Mother Russia, can’t get enough of the metal. But on top of that, this company’s vertically integrated. So, not only does it make steel, MTL mines the iron ore, coking coal and nickel needed do so.

MTL supplies 100% of its own coal, 92% of its iron ore and 55% of its nickel. That means the company should be significantly less vulnerable to the booms of those commodities’ prices. MTL uses what it needs and then sells the rest at market rate, which, for coal, is nice and high right now.

The $129 stock is only 13 points off its high, so Cramer recommended waiting for a pullback before buying. If you feel compelled to buy right away, at least wait the recommended five days after he mentions a stock to pick up some MTL.

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