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Inside Saban’s World: Politics, Cars & Salsa

Natalie Erlich,|News Associate

Haim Saban, Univision Spanish Television’s new chairman, is the definition of the American immigrant success story.

Haim Saban Unplugged

Saban Unplugged

In a web-exclusive video, an inside look at Haim Saban's inner world, with CNBC’s Michelle Caruso Cabrera.

Haim on HNW

Snapshots of Success

How Haim Saban left a life of poverty to one of wealth, power and success, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera.

Media Mogul, Political Powerhouse

Saban's Political Resume

Haim Saban is also a political power player, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso Cabrera.

Inside Saban's Empire

The Spanish-speaking Demographic

How to make the $12.7 billion deal for Univision work by reaching the Spanish-speaking market, with Haim Saban and CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

Inside Saban's World

Saban's Accomplishments

Haim Saban speaks Spanish and French, dances salsa, and wrote the tune to the Inspector Gadget cartoon series. Now, he just has to make the Univision investment work.