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Mad Mail: A Viewer's Appeal to the FCC on XM-Sirius

[Ed. Note: The below e-mail was sent to several FCC commissioners as well as Mad Money]

Dear Cramer: Let my XM and SIRIUS people go -- even Moses wanted this merger!

Jim Cramer and his staff are always working for the rest of us... which includes all of you at the FCC. I'm sure that many of you have taken his advice on some stocks, and if you did your homework, then you too made some Mad Money. So now the ball is in your court. This is your opportunity to hit a homerun for all of us! Be the heroes, not the zeros! –Mark

Cramer says: It would be “insane” if this merger didn’t go through. “I say give us choice!”


Captain Cramer: I've been reading with interest the reforms Raul Castro has recently implemented in Cuba. Is there a play here?

Cramer says: The play would be Freeport-McMoRan , because there’s a large mine in Cuba that Fidel Castro had confiscated.


Dear Cramer: I can't believe when you declared the King is dead and when you sandwiched [BUD ] between Molson and Miller you didn't mention that the way to get a piece of Miller Beer is through the new leaner Altria which owns about 28% of SABMiller and still has that cool yield. Go MO. A beer, cigarettes and 5% booyah. What could be better? –Dave

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says: I’ve already recommended Altria several times, but it certainly is another way to play this. “You’ve got me dead to rights.”


Professor Cramer: Please don't give up on all of us loyal Cramericans supporting your position on reinstating the uptick rule. I have to admit, when you first raised the issue on March 20th, I realized I needed to act by contacting my senators for support...but truth is, I did nothing. When you mentioned with obvious disappointment a few days later that no one seems to be getting involved, I knew I had to get off my butt and support your position. I just sent messages to my two senators and representative, urging their action…you'll get support from enough of us to make a difference. Thanks for all you do! --Don

Cramer says: I want the process of short selling to be slowed down because as it is now, it’s precipitating panic on the Street. Unfortunately, I’m not going to win this fight.


Dear Cramer: During the last five recessionary periods trucking has been the best performing sector at 30%. I was wondering if you have a trucking or trucking parts play for us? --Adam

Cramer says: For trucking parts, the play is Cummins . For the broader trucking industry, the play is Ryder . But FedEx and UPS work too.


Front Range Boo-yah, Jimbo: Seems like no one has even noticed the creation of the 3rd largest auto parts retailer/wholesaler with the combining of CSK Auto with O’Reilly Automotive . Is this a non-event or merely overlooked? --Patrick

Cramer says: I didn’t pay adequate attention to this because of the GM strike but I will look into it.

Jim's charitable trust owns Altria.

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