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Memphis' Derrick Rose Should Send David Stern A Thank You


Derrick Rose might not have been happy when he heard that he would be forced to pick a college for a year as part of being the second class to endure the NBA's new 19-year-old draft rule.

But we here at CNBC SportsBiz have calculated that Derrick Rose will be gratified to know that his one year at the University of Memphis was probably worth at least $10 Million more to him.

Why? Because Rose is clearly this year's winner of the one and dones. That doesn't mean that Rose is necessarily the top pick in the NBA Draft. It just means that his trip to college likely helped make him more than any other.

Take, for example, what happened last year. Greg Oden might have been picked first in the draft last year, but we kind of expected that. Therefore, the winner of the one and dones was Kevin Durant, who wasn't on the radar at the beginning of the season, got picked second and had the second largest rookie shoe deal negotiated for him following a guy named LeBron.

Oden wasn't even the number two beneficiary last year, at least according to my calculations. His high school and college teammate Mike Conley, who wasn't really tabbed as a one and done to start to season, played into the National Championship game last year and signed a fat contract as the fourth overall pick, taken by Memphis Grizzlies.

It's hard to say where Rose might have went had the rule not have existed--each guru has his own site -- but let's say, for argument sake, a pre-college Rose would have gone third. Where does he go after tonight's Championship Game? Possibly first. Possibly second. Maybe third. But the fact is that this tournament has given him a great marketing platform that The likes of O.J. Mayo and Michael Beasley obviously won't realize.

So before we even start with projecting how far Rose rose and how his rookie scale might have jumped up, I'm saying his shoe deal over a six year contract is up $10 million from the tourney alone. Tonight is a great opportunity for a kid like Rose as a guy like Carmelo Anthony has proven in years past.

The End Of The Run
Speaking of shoes, Monday's National Championship game between Kansas and Memphis will end a 12-year-old streak. Whoever wins, we know it won't be a Nike team. A Nike team has won every men's basketball title since 1996. The last time it didn't happen? When Ed O'Bannon and the UCLA Bruins won it all in 1995. They wore Reebok. Reebok is now owned by adidas. Adidas has both Kansas and Memphis and has the defending champion and favorite Tennessee in the women's title game on Tuesday night.

Taking It To The Bank
The University Of Memphis has 285 licensees and about 50 percent of its royalties come from apparel sales. Apparel sales should rise dramatically this year, as sales for the Final Four/possible NCAA National Championship would be dominated by apparel products, says Derek Eiler, Senior Vice President And Managing Director of The Collegiate Licensing Company, an IMG brand which has managing the Memphis trademark since 1983. Eiler says that since Coach John Calipari took over the team in 2000, royalties have risen every year. This year, will be the school's fifth consecutive year of record royalty growth.

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