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Mad Mail: Why'd You Stick Me With Omniture?

Dear Cramer: A few months ago, you were quick to tell viewers that Omniture was a "buy, buy, buy." Since then, OMTR has been hammered. In a mercurial (SAT word) move, you then changed your mind and couldn't recommend it. What do you suggest we do now? Real people rely on your advice and have lost REAL $. Keeping it real and fair for those who don't flip in and out of stocks. --Kim

Cramer says: “I make a lot of mistakes on this show,” Cramer said. “There are certainly a lot of places where I lose you money.” But he pointed out his recommendation was on OMTR in the teens. Once the stock reached the high $20s, he told viewers to take some profits. “Should I have said, ‘Take every share off the table.’ Well, perhaps I should have. But the truth is, I said, ‘Buy low and sell some high.’ Let’s save the vitriol – another SAT word – for when I really screw up.”

Mad Mail


Hi Jim: I am thinking of throwing in the towel. I have bought the right stocks many times, but never seem to know when to get out…I ride them all the way down until my green turns red, then beat myself up for being such a dope. I did this recently with Google and way back with Yahoo!. My timing is the worst! Do you think I should hang up my trading shoes or can you give some advice on how to solve this problem? --Mary from Pennsylvania

Cramer says: “I never want to make this business seem easy. If this is really bothering you, and you don’t have the time or the inclination, you have to give it to a mutual fund. If you don’t like the mutual funds, then be in an S&P index fund. This business is not for everybody. It’s really hard.” If people want to trade on their own, “they must put in the time, must do the homework.” Google should have been sold off piecemeal as the stock increased in price, and then a new position could have been established as the stock scaled down. “But you didn’t take gains off the table. You let gains turn to losses, and that’s not the way the business is played.”


Dear Jim: Does Blue Horseshoe love U.S. Steel , Nucor , and Steel Dynamics or is one and only one truly best of breed? I'm having a difficult time breaking down the comparison...obviously X has a nice market share of Tubular steel and growing exports, but the other companies have nice profit margins as well. How do all these companies stack up against each other? Is a stock's share float ever a consideration before you pull the trigger? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! --Chris in New Jersey

Cramer says: “All of these stocks have moved too much. U.S. Steel just added 20 points in two weeks. Let’s wait for a pullback before we pull the trigger.”

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