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Stock Picks: Try the Niche Companies' Stocks

Niche companies, such as alternative energy or unconventional products, are becoming more attractive as stock markets volatility continues, Alexis Dawance, fund manager at Global-Cap, told CNBC Europe.

A solar module manufacturer, a Brazilian beef company and energy efficient light-bulb group are the stocks that Dawance recommends.

Solar module and specialty glass manufacturer Centrosolar was acknowledged by the market as a German module-only company.

Alternative Investment Picks

But its investment potential has increased as it recently patented a new solar glass that diminishes the reflection of sun beams, providing better yield and efficiency, Dawance said.

Although this division is small, with only 25 percent of sales, it represents 60 percent of the company's EBITA, Dawance said.

Brazil's Marfrig is another 'buy' on Dawance's list as he says that 'the world is consuming more meat'. And with the European Union becoming a net importer of beef this year, meat manufacturing and processing companies are better investments, he pointed out.

Latin America is a particularly interesting place to invest in the bovine market as the cost of production of beef is very low at an average of 75 cents a kilo in comparison to the U.S. or Australia, where it will cost you approximately $1.60, Dawance said.

And finally, Hong Kong-listed light bulb maker Neo-Neon could be a good buy.

"We are very bullish on the LED sectors," Dawance told CNBC. "You have to keep in mind that the traditional light-bulb produces 80 percent of heat, while only 20 percent of the electricity is converted into light, so it's not an efficient way to light ourselves."

The Asian company becomes attractive as an investment prospect because various governments like Australia's, Canada's and the ones in the European Union are actively trying to reduce the use of traditional incandescent light-bulbs within the next three to five years in an effort to reduce global warming.

"We're just at the early stage of a big migration to LEDs."

Neo-Neon bulbs are manufactured in Taiwan and Hong Kong and the group has a 30 percent EBITA margin and is soon going to have a new manufacturing plan. "They are really in a growing market," Dawance said.

Disclosure: Global-Cap owns shares in all three companies. Dawance does not personally own shares in them.