By the Numbers

Tracking the partners, suppliers and sponsors of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing

The torch's longest round-the-world trip in Olympic history of 85,000 miles, hits San Francisco today.  Security has been tightened as activists plan to protest China's human rights record, after protests in London and Paris.

Are the protests impacting the companies involved with the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing?  Dow Jones has created an index comprised of partners, sponsors and suppliers of the 2008 games - both US and global companies.  Of its 37 constituents, 11 trade predominantly in the US, notably Ralph Lauren is not in the list.  Ralph Lauren was chosen as the parade outifitter for the Games, but the index constituents get reviewed quarterly, and the announcement came after the end of the first quarter.

The DJ Summer Games index is not suffering too much due to the protests, with the index down only slightly today, but it is down over 4% in the last 6 months.