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What the CEOs Are Saying

CEOs from around the globe have their say, from on what is going on in the media market to where commodities are heading:

CTC Media CEO Alexander Rodnyans on Worldwide Exchange

"The Russian advertising market is booming and the Russian economy (is) supported by growth of the Russian consumers market."

"In a country where you don't have national distribution – given the sheer size – the national distribution of radios, papers and magazines, television plays quite an important role. It is generally not just a source of entertainment, its something which insures the informational integrity of the country."

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  • Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire on Power Lunch Europe

    "The average amount of time spent watching video (online) is growing … there’s a growing percentage that are actually catching up on television and watching full programs entirely on the Web. The television add spend is coming online."

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  • The Guardian Media Group CEO Carolyn McCall on Power Lunch Europe

    "No matter how far we’ve moved on, there are still too few women in senior executive positions and unfortunately I think too many women leave in middle management, which means there are not enough women being promoted into senior executive positions."

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  • ADVFN CEO Clem Chambers on Power Lunch Europe

    "At the end of the day, everybody is doom laden about the credit crunch, but that’s coming through into the global economy and the first thing that’s going to get hit is the commodities. The boom is going to bust.”

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  • World GTL CEO David Loring on Squawk Box Europe

    "We have patented a process to take an existing methanol reactor, for example, and convert it to GTL (gas-to-liquid). And that saves us a lot of cap ex (capital expenditure), a lot of time, years of design. So we can take existing equipment, and deploy it quickly and we're building the first commercial plant in the Americas in Trinidad right now, and that will be operational this year."

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