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DNC Chairman Howard Dean: His Candid Interview With Me

Howard Dean

Howard Dean has made sparks fly for years. His feisty 2004 presidential campaign broke fund-raising records at the time, tapping the power of the Internet in a way that signaled the path Barack Obama has followed this year.

And his flameout after the Iowa caucuses stands as a cautionary tale for Democrats wary of political shooting stars.

Now Dean is under fire from critics who say he hasn't raised enough campaign cash, isn't doing enough to resolve the Obama-Hillary Clinton nomination fight, and is committed to a 50-state strategy that has dissipated resources in states so red that Democrats can't carry them in presidential races anytime soon.

I discussed those criticisms with Dean in his office at Democratic National Committee headquarters. And as usual, he was refreshingly candid. The video is from our conversation.

Campaign Conversation

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