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Mad Mail: What's the Deal with Dolan Media?

Dear Jim: A few months ago I was watching the show and you suggested Dolan Media , yet on last night’s show you had to take a pass. I know you process enormous amounts of data, but this stood out given that I did my own research on the newly IPO’ed corporation and invested and I am now a bit concerned. Any direction on DM? –J

Mad Mail

Cramer says: I apologize, I was thinking of Cablevision [owned by the Dolan family]. Dolan Media is indeed a good stock. It missed its quarter, which is why it’s down, but it’s got a great business model and should come back.


Ba-ba-ba Boo-yah! I was in New Jersey at your taping for your 3rd Anniversary Show and my wife and I were celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary. Cramer, check out this greyhound race in St. Petersburg, Florida. The #2 dog is named Cramerica! Watch the race and look at what place he came in! –Tim

Cramer says: “That’s my kind of dog!” Watch the videoto see the race.

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