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Emerging Infrastructure

General Electric might have cut its profit forecast because of the U.S. credit crunch but its international business remained strong. Is there a trade?

Although GE's financial services business has its troubles, their non-financial businesses didn’t seem that bad to me, says Tim Seymour on CNBC’s Closing Bell.


GE Q1 Bright Spots

Infrastructure Revenue – up 23%
Infrastructure Orders – up 12%
Major Equipment backlog – up 41%
Emerging Market Revenue – up 38%


The infrastructure business, in particular, produced 35-40% of their revenue base and is expected to be 60% by the end of the decade.

Most countries have put aside billions of dollars for infrastructure build-out, he adds. For example Russia has set aside $60 billion, so I think the money is absolutely there.

I like that side of GE's business, but unfortunately you can't just invest in that alone. However, there are companies that are more of an emerging markets infrastructure straight play. I recommend Empresa, Enersis or Sabesp , Seymour says.

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