Funny Business with Jane Wells

TiVo Records An Egg On Its Face

Well, TiVo and Fake Jane were both wrong: Syesha Mercado did not get voted off "American Idol." But Fake Jane did not put out a press release saying she had unique technology to predict the outcome.

TiVo blitzed the media with a release on the PR Newswire yesterday saying that, "For one week only, TiVo will strategically predict the show's results."

The prediction was based on monitoring which performances were re-watched the least. "For the past 4 weeks running, the person with the lowest viewership as recorded by TiVo subscribers has been voted to go home."

Based on this data, TiVo predicted Syesha Mercado would go home.


Once again, "Idol" has the last laugh. Australian Michael Johns' dismissal was certainly the first big shocker this season, but it may be a sign that voters believe the new American Idol should be American.

Update: TiVo has released the following statement:
"As time goes on and audiences get more passionate about their favorites, it is expected correlation between viewing and voting will become less strong. It's not just the number of fans a contestant has, it's how passionate they are about voting (multiple times) for their favorite. As the competition narrows there is a likelihood of less fast forwarding, making each week that goes by harder to predict."

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