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John McCain: My Interview With Him On The Economy

Presidential Candidate, John McCain

In the three decades that I've been covering politicians, I've rarely met one more in sync with reporters than John McCain. And I don't say that because we wore precisely the same tie today.

It's because McCain is accessible, and good humored, and candid. He was all those things when he sat down for an interview with me today after his big economic speech in Pittsburgh.

The speech and interview were both interesting--pro business in his insistence on corporate tax cuts, but also populist in his tough words for CEO pay excesses. His most headline grabbing proposal--for a "holiday" in federal gas taxes through Labor Day--will draw fire as the sort of wrong-headed election-year pandering he often disdains.

But it also shows John McCain's commitment to compete for votes up and down the income scale. He's doing his part to make this an unusually intriguing presidential race.

McCain on His Economic Plan

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