Two-Way Street

Kids don't Pay their Dues?

Hey, if you are a CNBC reader you must be familiar with the work of Charlie Gasparino. He's broken great stories for us on Bear Stearns , Citigroup , Merrill Lynch ... well, pretty much the whole Wall Street pack.

Charlie is a true triple threat because he works on TV, the Web and in print. If you want a peek into his view of things, check out this great interview on Talking Biz News (a blog I visit pretty often ... great way to keep up on doings in the business journalism sector).

He details a lot about the ins and outs of reporting on Wall Street. That's interesting enough.

But I thought he also had a great observation about where some of our journalism, or at least business "buzz," is coming from these days ... from kids who want to get straight to the Big Time without paying dues and learning lessons at small papers and trade journals. The Internet opens the door for them to try shortcuts.

Of course, it's easy for me to agree with Charlie's view, since he and I -- besides working together -- also are pretty much in the same demographic chunk. You always want to think that the up-and-comers in your business have it easier than you did. So maybe an early-20-something would disagree?

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