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What the Execs Say: Earnings and Expansion

Despite world economic woes, some company executives are optimistic regarding their businesses. Here is what they told CNBC:

Infosys CEO on Worldwide Exchange:

"There is significant opportunity for growing; even in markets like the U.S…We've seen delays in decision making, not cancellation. We don't think companies can stop what they're doing. They will have to continue to operate and run their businesses. They'll have to continue to spend on technology as they look to expand globally," S. Gopalakrishnan, M.D. and CEO of Infosys said.

Shares of Infosys climbed Tuesday as India's second largest software exporter reported a near 10 percent rise in profit. The company is also forecasting revenue growth between 19 and 21 percent in the new fiscal year amidst a lagging U.S. economy.

Video: Infosys CEO on Growth

Tesco CFO on Squawk Box Europe:

"I think we will see continued improvement in our margins for our group as a whole. I think you've got to remember that this year – 10 years into the launch of our international business – half of our profit growth came from our international businesses. And I think that broader spread to the operation allows us to grow margins at a time when our core market – the U.K. – is obviously going through more difficult times," Andrew Higginson, CFO of Tesco, told CNBC.

The world's third-biggest retailer, Tesco, escaped its industry's slump as the company reported an 11 percent rise in annual profit, meeting market expectations. Although it felt the effects of a weak U.K. consumer, the company bolstered its profits by its expansion into international markets.

Video: Tesco CFO Remains Optimistic