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Welcome Mac Users!

Hey, have you noticed? Our video is brushed up. Quicker, sharper ... which, combined with our sheer volume and breaking news acumen is, well, a good thing. Okay, okay ... it's not the Second Coming of the video iPod, but around here we're a little proud.

And speaking of iPods, this brush up does a pretty important thing: It allows our videos to work on a Mac . That didn't always happen before. (Yes, an admitted fault).

Going forward, this should be great for you, our readers. We post anywhere from 100 to 150 video clips a day. All the analyst takes and CEO explanations that you see on CNBC TV can be found on our site, day in and day out. Through the night too, since we feature coverage from our Asia and Europe networks. Plus we have original video segments crafted just for our Web audience (Have you checked out Fast Money's Web Extra? My favorite, these days).

We hope you enjoy.

(BTW ... We've gotten some good suggestions on a name for this blog. But still want to get a few more).

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