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Best Selling 2008 Rookie NFL Jersey? Chris Long

Chris Long
Chris Long

OK. I'm not that much of a psychic. But Scouts Inc.'s latest mock draft has Chris Long, yes Howie Long's son, going fourth to the Oakland Raiders.

And although the hopeful Raiders fans bought plenty of Jamarcus Russell shirts last year even though he hardly played and there's rumors he hit 300 pounds in the offseason, they'll spend plenty of money again if they can buy another jersey with "LONG" on the back.

I had Chris on with me this afternoon to talk about the draft, his endorsement deal with Sprint and the possibility of him playing with the Raiders. Chris told me that he "won't have a flat-top" and he "will probably wear whatever number they want me to."

I'm fine with the flat-top answer. Be your own man. But I'm not OK with "whatever number they want me to" wear. Doesn't work. You see, my man Chris has to understand that he gets a piece of jersey sales and he has to look out for the almighty buck.

I'm glad that he took the time to come on air with me, I decided to do him a favor and find out what jersey number he should ask for should he become an Oakland Raider. So I called the man, the Dean of Jerseys for Reebok, Eddie White.

"Eddie," I said. "If Chris Long becomes and Oakland Raider, what jersey number should he wear?"

"Good question," Eddie said. "But there are actually two answers. If he wants the quick hit, he should go with his dad's number 75. It will be the top rookie jersey. People will buy it right away. But if he has confidence in himself, he should pick another number, so that he can make an name for himself."

White paused.

"But he has to understand. It can't just be any old number. It has to make sense with his dad's number. It has to stand out. Off the top of my head, I'd say that they let him flip his dad's number and wear 57 or wear one number higher, 76." By the way, we know that Robert Gallery currently wears No. 76 on the Raiders. But deals have been done before, people.

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