Funny Business with Jane Wells

Once Again, Wrong About American Idol--Oh Well

Well, I was wrong about who would leave "Idol." Again.

I get emails:

On "American Idol"(before the decision last night), Jeff D. wrote:
"I think Brooke is going home this week. she played the piano like a 10-year-old kid. It was very amateurish and stood out--and her stuff about the wedding was like WHO CARES. I think people are tired of her..she gives off too much drama on the show."

Well, Jeff, you were close. But after Kristy Lee Cook was sent packing, he sent me another email:
"Okay I was wrong!! I think the reason is too many COOKs in the 'Idol' kitchen."

On April 15th being "National That Sucks Day," Darryl R. writes:
" brings to mind this quote from Dr. Josh Wurman, one of the top tornado scientists in the world: 'Tornadoes don't suck, they blow.'"

Heather H. recalls sending in her first tax return:
"When I was 17 I got my first refund. I was so excited when I got the check! Until I opened it. It was made out to me for 99 cents. 99 CENTS! I wasn't even worth the round up to a dollar! It cost me more than 99 cents to drive to the bank to deposit it! I am sure it cost the government more money to write the check and print it out. I was so insulted. I am now in my mid 20's and I am finally getting a real refund for the first time. It's not a whole lot of money but it's more than 99 cents!!"

On my "bum" sighting on a Southwest flight, Chris J. writes:
"I had a terrible time flying out of Denver due to snow, AA cancellations and cheap fares...I didn't see any bums, just lots of fat 'bums.' One couldn't tell the economy was hurting, the airport was jammed."

On the price of a Lockheed Martin F-35,Dick N. writes:
"$70 million for one airplane? Where does this madness come from? News item...The budget and national debt take another hit. I wish I could print money when I can't manage my finances."

Fake Jane

Odds and ends: there were to U.S. Marines watching us do our jobs this week in the Los Angeles bureau. Fake Jane was beside herself with excitement. She insisted the lighting be dimmed in the office to make her look more appealing. Still, even though these two men had proudly served five tours in Iraq between them, nothing had ever frightened them so much as Fake Jane in the morning before her coffee.

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