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Getting Global with Our World Markets Page

Are you a world market junkie? Interested in seeing how indexes are performing elsewhere? Well, we scrubbed up our World Markets page just for you.

We have global overview data up top. Below you'll find the major indexes divvied up by the major market areas: Americas, Europe, and Asia. We hope you'll find it useful. It's part of a continuing effort to make all our pages, large and small, better and better for readers.

Now from time to time we get emails from readers asking why don't we have index information about a particular favorite market. Believe me, if we had our druthers, we'd have every single market listed. However, not all exchanges are free and easy with their info.

In some instances they charge quite a bit of money to report our their information. While it makes sense to pay such fees for Big Markets ... some of the smaller ones don't really give you much bang for the buck.

Then there is the question of which data providers they'll allow to into their market to feed out that information ... and whether that data can be redistributed ... and whether it can be in real time and so on. It gets complicated ... and expensive ... quickly.

So don't take the fact that we lack index information for, say, the Republic of Freedonia, as an insult. It may be a combination of expense and logistics that's keeping it off the page.

Of course, if you really, really, really think we should have Freedonia, you can drop me a note. If enough people pull for it .. well, you never know.

(Yes, we're still noodling for a name for this blog. We've had some pretty good suggestions so far).

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