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Nike's Earth Day Spokesman: Steve Nash

Steve Nash

So today is Earth Day. And there is no athlete more perfect for this day for Steve Nash. The guy has endorsement deals with Arizona Power Company, Canadian Company BC Hydro (a hydroelectric utility), Energy Innovations (renewable energy) and drives a Lexus Hybrid!
He also has a big endorsement deal with Nike -- and today the company is re-releasing Steve Nash's Trash Talk shoe in limited quantities, in honor of Earth Day.

Nike's 100% Recycled Sneaker

It's the first performance basketball shoe made out of manufacturing waste. With the shoe literally made from factory scraps, no two shoes are the same.

In honor of the shoes, Nash produced his own short film called the "Sixty Million Dollar Man."

It's meant to be a spoof on the old American television series, "The Six Million Dollar Man."

I think it's pretty funny. Even though -- technically -- his currently contract is worth $63 million.

Here's Nash on the spot:

“I have such a passion for watching films and now, that passion is being transferred into filmmaking. After starting my own production company, Meathawk, this seemed like the perfect time and place for me to make a short film to increase environmental awareness through the promotion of the Trash Talk."

The production was directed by his partners at Meathawk in its first creative effort. Special effects were handled by the Stan Winston Studio (“Terminator,” “Terminator 2,” “Aliens,” “The Lost World”). Post-production was carried out by The Mill, an Oscar-winning company based in London and New York.

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