Press War: News Biz Faces Challenges

Brooke Sopelsa|Video Producer

Media companies, like the New York Times Company and News Corp. , are facing a new set of challenges, and CNBC takes an in-depth look.

Media Mogul Drama

Media Mogul Drama

Media moguls are in fine form Tuesday. 

News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch is showing The Wall Street Journal’s managing editor the door, while former corporate siblings Les Moonves and Philippe Daumann are fighting over content.

Gray Lady Showdown with Investors

Murdoch Targets the NY Times

Rupert Murdoch is taking on the New York Times by beefing up The Wall Street Journal’s political coverage and attempting to buy Newsday, a regional competitor to the Times.

News Corp Empire in Trouble?

News Corp. Empire in Trouble?

News Corp’s stock is down 24 percent over the past year, The Wall Street Journal’s managing editor is expected to resign, and even Murdoch’s new media business is giving him headaches.

The Battle of the Presses

Gray Lady Puts on Her Best Face

The New York Times is holding its shareholder meeting today, and a dissident shareholder group is pushing the company to examine “strategic options,” but Arthur Sulzberger Jr. says the company is not for sale.