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See What People Are Saying About... High Gas Prices

I don't understand how people can keep making excuses for the reason the price of oil is going up. One day it is lack of supply and the next day it is the speculators...

How can other countries have inflation but not us? Printing dollars has caused OPEC and others to ask for more dollars in return for the debased ones we are giving them. Can anyone say oil at $150 a barrel?

-- Stephanie E. from Virginia

Come on USA. Tap into our vast oil reserves in Alaska, and in the Gulf of Mexico!!!!! Build 3 new refineries (when have we last done that) in the Northwest, the Midwest, and the Gulf Region.

If I were President, that is one thing I would do in my last months in office. Tax credits to all who can come up with viable energy sources, and that does not me E87 gasoline which gets FAR less miles per gallon that current 87 octane gas does.

-- Mark V. from Idaho

The high price of oil and gasoline seems to be quite a sensitive issue with Fast Money readers. (Probably more than just the Fast Money readers, actually!) That leads us to our Fast Money Reader Poll. How concerned are you about the price of gasoline?

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