What the CEOs Are Saying

A bevy of chief executives appeared on CNBC Europe Tuesday to discuss topics ranging from quarter results to the environment to what the European Central Bank should be doing.

Logitech CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"I think one of the strengths of our approach to acquisitions is we've always been very disciplined. We've never focused on size per se. The key metric for us is we've got to believe it's going to create value for our shareholders. And the acquisitions we've done up to date have done that," Gerald Quindlen, CEO of Logitech told CNBC.

Video: Logitech CEO on Earnings and Expansion

Airbus CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"Let's keep in mind aviation is contributing roughly 2% of all man-made emissions, so we are not the major contributor, but that doesn't mean we are complacent. We want to go forward. We even set a very ambitious goal – let’s call it a vision – an emission-free aircraft in the decades to come," Tom Enders, President and CEO of Airbus, told CNBC.

Video: Airbus CEO Discusses Carbon-Free Flying

Software AG CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"My recommendation to the ECB is to synchronize yourself with the rest of the world. Try to have a concerted action with the Fed so that this financial crisis is managed in a proper way," Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG told CNBC.

Video: Software AG CEO on Outlook and ECB Advice

Rugby Estates CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"I think cash is king at the moment. We have investors in commercial property. We also have an expanding asset management side of our business. And in those two areas we feel there will be very good opportunities to buy properties at yields which we haven’t seen for several years," Andrew Wilson, CEO of Rugby Estates told CNBC.

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British Airways CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"For the UK to maintain its strong position in world economies it needs an efficient hub system at Heathrow, and that can only be achieved if we have a third runway … I don't see the third runway issue being directly linked to the structure of BAA," Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways told CNBC.

Video: BA CEO Discusses BAA Breakup

Ranbaxy Laboratories CEO on Worldwide Exchange:

"Overall, you will see the generic industry have a strong growth momentum over the next many years. And we are very well positioned, keeping a very good mix between developed and emerging markets. So we will see growth coming from across multiple markets and thereby not being overly dependant on any one market to drive growth for the company," Malvinder Singh, CEO of Ranbaxy Laboratories told CNBC.

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Embraer CEO on Power Lunch Europe:

"If you take the last 40 years, airplanes are about 70-75% more fuel efficient. I think it is reasonable to think the industry can do a lot in the future. The trend will be set by the airline industry, private will follow. But there's a growing consciousness among private aircraft owners," Frederico Fleury Curado, president and CEO of Embraer told CNBC.

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