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Bargain Basements: Countrywide Sells Home for $1

Psst, looking for a cheap place to live? Just how cheap can you buy a home for in some of America's biggest cities?

Check out Countrywide's website of homes they have for sale:

On that site, you can find homes as low as:

--$1 in Detroit (!)

--$950 in Cleveland

--$1,200 in Buffalo, N.Y.

--$1,900 in St. Louis

--$5,900 in Pittsburgh

--$7,900 in Dallas

--$9,900 in Chicago

--$9,900 in Jacksonville, Fla.

--$24,900 in Denver

--$28,900 in Worcester, Mass.

--$39,900 in Sacramento

--$53,900 in Las Vegas

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