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Hillary's Breakup; $10,160 to Fly Northwest?!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton won in Pennsylvania, but not everyone wants to stick with her.

Reader Heather H. has alerted me to a funny Web site. (By the way, she says things must be bad at Bear Stearns because a trader stole her smoothie yesterday...).

Anyhow, the website she told me about lets people write break-up letters to Hillary Clinton:

Some snippets:

Michael writes,
"Look, baby, you're a great girl and all, and I think you will definitely find what you're looking for, just not with me."

Mark says Clinton is like a sick wild animal.
"You're just like a bobcat or a fox. You'll take off in a dead sprint if I give you the chance. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll make a fight at me. And after you've bitten me, well, then it'd be too late."

And from a writer who goes by the name Michelle Obama:
"You go, girl. Seriously...go."


I'm flying Northwest Airlines today from L.A. to Minneapolis. As we took off from LAX, the captain told us about the flight time and the weather... and then notified us that the jet fuel for the flight cost him $10,160!

Sign of the times! Even airline captains are complaining about how much it costs to fill up the tank! There were probably 100 people on board. That works out to $101 a passenger for the fuel, or about 30 percent of a coach ticket -- the only tickets I know...


I loved David Cook's performance last night.

I predict the bottom three tonight are Syesha (who was great), Brooke (who did better than I expected despite the false start), and Jason (who was awful). Carly was good -- I love Jesus Christ Superstar -- but every time they show her husband I can hear the nation gasp and utter Jesus' name in vain...

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