A View from the Top: What the CEOs are Saying

Chief executives from Europe discussed earnings, opportunities and challenges their companies face in 2008 with CNBC Europe Thursday.

Neste Oil CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"There is a very, very strong diesel market. The diesel margins, especially in Europe, are particularly high. At the same time, however, we have a much weaker gasoline market, although we've seen some positive signs as well. There is some hope in the diesel market," Jarmo Honkamaa, deputy CEO of Neste Oil, told CNBC Europe.

Video: Neste Oil CEO Discusses Earnings Losses, Opportunities

ABB CEO on Worldwide Exchange:

"We are clearly in the sweet spot for the moment. I think we are still benefiting from this energy efficiency wave, which I believe is a trend that's only on the beginning of its development," Michel Demare, CEO and CFO of ABB, told CNBC Europe.

Video: CEO of ABB on the Company's 'Sweet Spot'

Autonomy CEO on Squawk Box Europe:

"When subprime happens and the regulators go in and start investigating everything, investment banks have to produce a lot of information, they have to do what's called e-discovery. And then, I'm afraid, it's likely that there's going to be lots of litigation," Mike Lynch, CEO of Autonomy, told CNBC Europe.

Video: Autonomy CEO Says Challenges Ahead

EMED CEO on Power Lunch Europe:

"As it stands, with our company, if one's puts aside the opportunity at Rio Tinto and southern Spain, our main asset is that we are the holder of the largest mineral rights in Slovakia, which is a very prolific site, historically for gold. We've made a large gold discovery there," Harry Adams, CEO of EMED Mining.

Video: EMED CEO Finds Value

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