Health Care Stocks with Healthy Outlooks

Andrew Fisher

What's the best sector for improving your stock portfolio near-term?  Jeff Krumpleman of Fifth Third Asset Management thinks it's health care, and he has some specific selections that back him up.

Krumpleman's Fifth Third Lifemodel Aggressive Fund is up an average of 12.4 percent per year over the last five years.


His first pick is Celgene.

"It's had the highest growth rate, north of 35 percent, in all of large-cap biotech, driven by its hematology franchise, treating blood cancers," he told CNBC. 


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Also on his list:  Allergan.

"It's got a very balanced portfolio of products," he said.  "They sell Botox, which is used for cosmetic purposes, [but also] potentially for migraine and in cerebral it also has medicinal uses, and it's growing throughout the world."


Krumpleman owns both Celgene and Allergan through his fund.