Brazil's Got It All -- Including Hot Investments

Andrew Fisher

Going global?  David Riedel thinks Brazil should be your first stop.

"Brazil is unique in the ability to fund itself, feed itself, and fuel itself," the emerging markets analyst told CNBC. 

"Talk about available land and water?  Brazil's got plenty of both.  Talk about commodity plays...?  Brazil's got plenty of iron ore, plenty of gas, plenty of oil."

Riedel also points to an economy driven by the emergence of a large consumer class, and the likelihood that its credit rating will be raised to investment-grade later this year.


He recommends Petrobras, "the big oil company that seems to find new oil every time it turns around."


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Also on his list are Sabesp, a water utility controlled by Sao Paulo state, and Perdigao, a processor of pork and poultry.


Neither Riedel, his family, nor his firm, Riedel Research Group, owns shares of Petrobras, Sabesp, or Perdigao.