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Lightning Round: Apple, Conoco, JPMorgan and More

Lightning Round

XM Satellite : Cramer said he thinks the merger with Sirius will go through. When that happens, SIRI will climb to $5. SIRI closed Friday at $2.69.

Agnico-Eagle : With gold prices down, this is your chance to buy gold, Cramer said. He likes Agnico-Eagle, and his charitable trust owns Yamama.

Energy Conversion Device : “You are barking up the wrong solar play,” Cramer said. First Solar’s better.

Reddy Ice : The stock hasn’t done well, Cramer said. But he’s willing to revisit it. Don’t buy for now.

ING Group : Cramer would rather see investors in Hudson City if they’re going to buy stock in a bank.

Sirtris Pharma : Ring the register, Cramer said, now that Sirtris has been bought by GlaxoSmithKline .

South Financial Group : This is another bad financial, Cramer said. Don’t buy TSFG.

Correction Corp. of America : Cramer said CXW has execution issues. He won’t recommend this stock.

Urban Outfitters : Urban Outfitters, along with Wal-Mart , Costco and TJX Companies , are Cramer’s favorite retailers. Forget the rest, he said.

Microsoft : “Disappointing,” Cramer called the quarter. “The PC business is not so hot.” Cramer would rather investors in Apple .

Jim’s charitable trust owns Yamana Gold.

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