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Mad Mail: What About Geothermal Power?

Hey Jim: Really enjoying your Green Week shows. Haven't heard you mention the geothermal power industry or any of the related companies. This industry seems to be global, well established and an almost inexhaustible natural energy resource when managed correctly. Thanks in advance for your enlightenment. Look forward to your response. --Carl in California

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “We tried it once with Ormat . It didn’t work that well. It’s a great source of energy. It’s not a great source of stocks.”


Dear Jim: Wednesday’s episode had a question from a listener about biodiesel companies that produce from corn versus algae. --Keith

Cramer says: The stocks in this sector are too small for mention on Mad Money, so Cramer can’t go near them.

Watch the video for Cramer’s informative segment on the difference between a badger and a gopher. We’re serious…

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