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Mad Mail: Time to Sell Costco?

Dear Jim: You mentioned Clean Energy Fuels in October when it was trading at about 20. It is now down considerably…and the company has made significant progress in opening 170 CNG stations, and contracting with various local vehicle fleets. The chart looks good to me. There is essentially no debt… Would you revisit the stock, and give your more current views? We enjoy your show, and value you views. --John

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says: CLNE is an aggressive growth stock but it’s difficult to get a handle on the earnings. It’s speculative. Eaton , which makes hybrid engines, is a safer play.


Dear Jim: I own Petroleo Brasileiro and you often mention other Brazilian stocks that you like, notably Vale and CPFL Energia . A few weeks ago you said that Latin America stocks are "trades" and not investments, but it seems that CPL is more of a long-term play. Please clarify if Brazil should be included in your view on Latin American stocks or is it an exception. --Dennis

Cramer says: While I don’t like to recommend Latin America for long-term investments, Brazil is a very advanced nation and might as well be exempt from that rule. And CPL is a great utility.


Hi Jim: I have owned Costco since I first entered a store (which was before you had your own show). I bought 100 shares and though it's a very small part of my overall portfolio (less than 2%), it has doubled, plus. I still love the story and the store. Should I sell 1/2 and "play with the house's money" or let it ride? –John

Cramer says: If it’s such a small position, hold on to it. Other than Costco, the only retail stocks I’m recommending are: TJX , Wal-Mart and Urban Outfitters .


Hey Jim!: I enjoyed your Green Week show last week. But you never mentioned any lithium battery companies at all. I believe that the best hope for the future is the hybrid and plug-in electric hybrids. --Regan

Cramer says: Buy SQM for a lithium play.


Hey Jim: As I was watching ABC’s Lost episode that aired last Thursday, I noticed that a background noise heard in one of the scenes is exactly the same audio clip you have as a “Baby Cry” on your soundboard. What gives? Aaron’s cry in that episode can be heard right after John reassures Sawyer that he will not hurt Hurley. --Roberto

Cramer says: I wouldn’t put anything past [Disney CEO] Bob Iger!

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