Travel Stocks: Don't Leave Home Without Them

Andrew Fisher

With fuel prices rising, consumer opinion of airlines plunging, and terrorism an ever-present danger, investing in travel stocks might seem like an unusual move for an investor, unless you ask Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management.

He has several investment suggestions for the travel sector.


His first pick is Carnival.

"If you look at cruise lines, and I'm looking at'll seem that they're trading at the same price they were back during the terrorism of 9-11, and this is amazing," he told CNBC. 

"People may not realize that only 60 percent of their revenue is derived from US.  They pay a 4 percent dividend, their sales are up 12 percent year-over-year."

Despite the awesome prospect of filling the gas tank of a recreational vehicle, Wilsey also likes Winnebago.

"I think oil's going to go down eventually here, and I think that's going to benefit Winnebago," he said. 

"Also, declining interest rates, and they're down 56 percent, so that's already built into the stock...a very strong company in a difficult time, and I think we're getting to the end of that difficult time." 

Travel Stocks Poised for Take off

Trinity Industries could be viewed as a travel stock -- and as an energy play.

"They make the couplers, the axles...all the things for the trains that people ride on,' he said. "I think this company has been undiscovered because it trades at eight times earnings.  Their sales are up 18 percent year-over-year.  Sometimes you don;t want to buy the train, but buy what's making parts for that train."

Wilsey even has an airline on his list:  SkyWest.

"It is the only one that I could find," he admitted.  "They've grown their sales, and you can't get a seat on a plane, which is kind of amazing to me...their debt (is) a little bit high at $1.2 billion, but it's stayed at that level for two years, however the equity for this company has increased by $300 million over the same to years."


Disclosure information for Wilsey was not immediately available.