Funny Business with Jane Wells

Farmers, Fake Jane: Your Emails

On my visit to corn and soybean farmers in Iowa last week, under fire over subsidies and ethanol in boom times...

Tony S. writes:
"Kinda funny that no one on Wall Street is willing to tie the rise in food prices back to Wall St. investors. Think about it. Who is pouring record amounts of money into commodity markets? It's Index Funds and they're driving the prices out of the fundamentals and to record highs. So, it's not really Farm Policy, it's not a global food shortage, and it's not farmers getting rich... it's Wall Street! That's some 'funny business.'"

Jeff J. writes:
"If changing markets, including more corn, soybeans, and organic/specialty products, help keep farms in families and away from Big Ag I'm for it. Farmers aren't to blame, just like gas stations aren't to blame for causing high oil prices...You're right about nice Midwestern people. The weather is not as nice as California (floods, tornadoes, broiling summers, the usual), but hey, we now have earthquakes too so at least we have that in common."

Kerry R. has just about had it with the food inflation stories all over CNBC:
"Agriculture is the backbone of this country, and without it you wouldn't have food in you bellies or gas in your car. By the way, if no one knew this, oil, not ethanol, is the reason why all your food is going up. If you didn't already know this there is only 4 cents worth of corn in a box of corn flakes, but corn flakes can go up by 50 or 75 cents and everyone blames the American farmers...please stop running down the people that put food on your table every night!"

FOURTO5 writes about my reaction to how wonderful people in Iowa are:
"Midwestern kindness isn't an artifice."

Fake Jane


Ed L. writes suggests a sequel:
"Filling up your SUV/Jag with gas and handing the entire 300 rebate check to the gas station clerk and get 1 dollar in change... "

A chill shot from Ray N.:
"Jane, standing out in a field in the rain in Iowa is one thing, but Fake Jane does nothing for your acting skills."

And Michelle G. can relate to Fake Jane's concerns about aging:
"I took a Modern Dance class a couple years ago, to try to get back in shape. It was full of 18 & 19-year-old girls. One came bouncing up to me during diagonals and said, 'I like your purple spandex.' I replied, 'Thanks, it's from the 80's.' She said (totally serious), 'I know, my mom has one' ...ouch!"

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