Two-Way Street

Losing Our Children Earlier

Well, judging from the email in response to yesterday's post, you folks are less inclined to blame the media and more inclined to blame Miley Cyrus and her handlers.

Fair enough. Nice to know that folks don't universally think covering the news, even scandalous news, just makes things worse. And apparently some folks still think the quest for money should stop somewhere. (In fairness, it is reported that her folks did not know about the racy pictures until after the fact).

Some reponses ...

This was a bad judgment call on someones part. And I'll bet everything I own, that this decision maker does not have kids. So, does the media have fault in this? Absolutely. Someone made this decision knowing that millions of young girls WILL find out about it. And little by little, we lose our children earlier and earlier. -- Mark S.

Miley's pics look like fodder for preverts and pedophiles. This kind of thing makes no sense. Are they trying to get the business of the pedophiles? -- Elizabeth

I want to say as a 15-16 year old girl myself, that I find these pictures ... insulting ... and give us this trampy image! -- Courtney

It's not the 12-16 year old set that I'm worried about, its the 7-11 year olds that worship does a grandparent (me) explain this? I think its time to find a new "idol." -- Tom

It was a bad decision all around. ... Miley will still be allowed in our home as I am as much a fan as my 7 year old daughter. My daughter saw the pictures (thanks to the media, not by my choice) and agrees it was a mistake for Miley to have done them, but my wise daughter also said "Mommy you still love me when I make a mistake, so I still love Miley too." -- Rese