Funny Business with Jane Wells

Burger King's "Lettuce" Fight, And A Crossing Guard Drives A Jag??

KFC Snacker

I'm doing a farm report today on Burger King . The King has a whopper of a fight on his hands from a farm workers rights group in Florida. The group' that it claims tomato pickers get paid peanuts, and they want more "lettuce." The group is threatening to launch a boycott against Burger King...if they don't get it their way. Ok, I apologize.

You can watch the video of my story on after the report airs on "Squawk on the Street."

For something more light-hearted and less pun-heavy--KFC has a new promotion hiding an image in its advertising. The first 10,000 customers who find the image get a free sandwich. Check out the attached picture and see if you can find it. Hint: remember how we were talking above about money as "lettuce"? Maybe the tomato pickers oughtta rush over to KFC.

Kelley Blue Book came out with its list of the "Coolest Cars under $18,000." The cheapest of the group is the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, with "aggressive, rally-inspired looks (that) belie a starting price of less than $15,000."

Meantime, you know times are not THAT tough when the local crossing guard at the elementary school went home in his 2007 Jaguar sedan with chrome wheels. I saw it with my own eyes. Maybe tomato pickers oughtta start guarding cross walks. Maybe I should, too.

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