Ford Stock Fan Offers More Picks

Andrew Fisher

On St. Patrick's Day (March 17), Bernie McGinn saw a lot of "green" for Ford : he told CNBC the automaker was a "buy."

Since then, the troubled carmaker's shares are up 65.2 percent.  Where's the head of McGinn Investment Management going now? 


He's sticking with Ford, for one thing.

"The turnaround story is obviously exceeding expectations, and what's happening now is that the story is getting out into the investment community," he told CNBC.  "The management team put together by Alan Mulally and Billy [Chairman William] Ford is starting to get the recognition that they're due."

Also on his list is Pfizer, although the drug giant's shares have been going in the other direction lately.

"It's kind of a boring story, but I think that over the next year or so, you'll see 40+ percent on a turnaround," he said.

Johnson & Johnson also rates high with McGinn.

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"They have continued to be strong," he said. "They reported earnings about two weeks ago that were very, very good; they continued to grow their international businesses at a good pace."


McGinn and his family own shares of Ford, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.