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More Mining Gold

All week Cramer’s been touting American manufacturers as more innovative than technology companies. He’s talked about Eaton and Parker Hannifin and Harsco as companies bringing highly valuable products to market. Well, Thursday he added two more to the list: Bucyrus International and Joy Global .

Great Mines Think Alike

Both Bucyrus and Joy Global are mining services companies who do a bulk of their business overseas. They’re heavy into coal as well, and while we may turn our noses up at the mere mention that dirty fuel, places like China can’t seem to get enough of it. Cramer’s belief in the minerals and mining bull market is strengthened by predictions that the coal market should double between 2005 and 2030 – and that’s not even counting clean coal, which will make the market even bigger.

What kind of innovative products do these two firms make? Bucyrus created a remote-controlled dragline (those huge dirt-moving machines), remote-controlled continuous miners and flame-resistant conveyor rolls. Joy Global has JOY Memory CUT, which provides a safer work environment for coal shearers. The company also make a spray that cuts down on coal dusting, extending the life of cutting systems.

Cramer said he likes both stocks for all the aforementioned reasons, though Joy Global might be a less risky play because it’s not as cyclical. So if you think of yourself as a more conservative investor, go with JOYG.

The thing to keep in mind, though, regarding BUCY and JOYG is that both have enjoyed sizable runs. So don’t buy now. Wait for a pullback on these stocks before you buy a position. In the meantime, do some homework and make sure these are stocks you want to own.

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