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Mad Mail: Wall of Ethanol Truth?

Boo-yah Jim: Thanks for all you do. You’ve given us such famous lists as “The 4 Horsemen of Tech” and the “Wall of Shame” – now I have a suggestion for a new one.

After Seeing the CEO of Tyson on your show yesterday and the CEO of Anadarko recently, it made me think of something - the list I'm proposing is the “Wall of Ethanol Truth.” Start with these two CEOs and add to it as more brave CEOs speak up against this enemy of the people that is ethanol.

Maybe if the “Wall of Ethanol Truth” gains some steam, congress will finally pay attention and act responsibly.

Mad Mail

Proud to be a Cramerican! --Bob

Cramer says: General Mills CEO Ken Powell should be on there, too. The fact is, if this country got rid of the ridiculous ethanol mandate, food prices would plummet and Americans would have money to spend on other things.


Dear [Mad Money Executive Producer] Regina: OMG I can't believe how great Jim looks in jeans and a t-shirt [I'm having a hard time focusing on what he's saying because I'm so mesmerized by his hot handsomeness. Woof!! ("Woof" means whut-woow.)

Can you convince him to dress like this more often? COULD HE LOOK ANY HOTTER? --PJ

Regina says: I told him to wear those jeans! (See the segment being discussed here)

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