Stock Bargains: Prettied-Up Large Caps

Andrew Fisher

Mary Jane Matts has discovered a couple of stock bargains among the nation's large-cap companies. 

The managing director of asset strategies for Fifth Third Asset Management credits recent changes at those companies for making them especially attractive.

Her Fifth Third Disciplined Fund is up an average of 13.5 percent per year over the last five years.


Her first pick is Qwest Communications.

"With Qwest, you've got a merged company that was on the verge of disaster back in 2001," she reminded CNBC. 

"It's completely re-structured; they just re-instated the dividend a couple of quarters ago; low P/E; high yield; solid outlook here for Qwest."

She's also enthusiastic about Altria spin-off Philip Morris International, which has only been trading since the end of March.

"You've got a yield of about 3.6 percent on the dividend that they've declared, paying less than 16 times for the premium global brand, Marlboro, which is extremely well positioned for growth, geographically," she said.  "It's a U.S.-based company, where 100 percent of the revenues are outside the U.S."

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Mary Jane Matts owns Qwest and Philip Morris International through her fund.